Culinary Adventures with Ben Ryan

I recently wrote about the success I’ve found in weight loss, this is a little different direction.  On the weekends I do have a cheat meal, I also have found myself in a new relationship.  In said relationship we love exploring new foods on our weekend outings.  One of which I’ve been wanting to try is roasted bone marrow.  After looking around at places that offer it, it’s mostly upscale restaurants.  Restaurants that are kind of out of my pay scale if your will.  A friend suggested just doing it at home.  So that’s what we tried.

I went to a local butcher, bought a good size beef bone and had it canoed down the middle.  I then followed the recipe from the internet, soaking it for 24 hours in salt water then roasting with salt and pepper.  This being the first time, I think I did something wrong.  It wasn’t bad but it didn’t blow my socks off like I was told it would.  I still have the other half of the bone and would like to give it another go.  If you have any suggestions on preparation, I’m all ears.  This is supposed to be some fancy people food but that wasn’t my end result.