Zach Bryan’s “Pink Skies” Pop Country Controversy


Artist Zach Bryan released his new song, “Pink Skies” on Friday, May 24th and it hasn’t been without controversy. The song teases his upcoming album The Great American Bar Scene and has fans everywhere checking their socials for that imminent drop. On Tuesday, May 28th it was reported that “Pink Skies” was sent to Pop Radio’s Top 40 as a single and Mr. Bryan seems none too thrilled. After U.S. Radio Updater reported the pop radio addition, Zach went on to say some choice words, and he later apologized for in a tweet.

“Sorry for cursing so much earlier. It was a misunderstanding and I’ve been watching too much House of Cards on my time off let’s goOOO CALIFORNIA.”

Whether this is a mix-up or intentional, sending Zach Bryan to the Pop Chart shows in the abstract the power of this music, and that whether we like it or not, people of all genres want it.