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95.9 The Ranch appreciates all the Texas / Red Dirt Artists and Bands for helping to bring our online Music Series to everyone around the world who misses live concerts. If you missed a Ranch Live show or want to re-watch your favorite artists, bookmark this page now and check back often as we will be adding new shows the day after each performance. 


FRIDAY (5/22) 8PM: Carson Jeffrey


THURSDAY (05/21) 8PM: Logan Samford




TUESDAY (5/19) 8PM: Graycie York


FRIDAY (5/15) NOON: Creed Fisher


FRIDAY (5/15) NOON: Landon Bullard


FRIDAY (5/15) NOON: Ray Wylie Hubbard


THURSDAY (5/14) NOON: Anna Stockdale


THURSDAY (5/14) 3PM: Tennessee Jet


THURSDAY (5/14) 8PM: Cory Morrow


WEDNESDAY (5/13) NOON: Xavier Joseph


WEDNESDAY (5/13) 3PM: Matt Caldwell


WEDNESDAY (5/13) 8PM: Kaleb McIntire



TUESDAY (5/12) NOON: Chad Cooke Band


TUESDAY (5/12) 3PM: Megan Ashley


TUESDAY (5/12) 8PM: BJ Barham


MONDAY (5/11) NOON: Brandon Steadman


MONDAY (5/11) 3PM: John Dempsy


MONDAY (5/11) 8PM: Kaitlin Butts


FRIDAY (5/08) NOON: AJ Johnston


FRIDAY (5/08) 3PM: Annie Rost


FRIDAY (5/08) 8PM: Matt Hillyer of Eleven Hundred Springs


THURSDAY (05/07) NOON: Casey Baker


THURSDAY (05/07) 3PM: Zach Neil

WEDNESDAY (5/06) NOON: Jerrod Medulla & Mark Powell


WEDNESDAY (5/06) 3PM: Lindsey Lane


WEDNESDAY (5/06) 8PM: Josh Ward


TUESDAY (5/05) NOON: Jesse Stratton Band


TUESDAY (5/05) 3PM: Morgan McKay


TUESDAY (5/05) 8PM: Mason Lively


MONDAY (5/04) NOON: Stetson Walker


MONDAY (5/04) 3PM: Frank Ray


MONDAY (5/04) 8PM: Kylie Frey


FRIDAY (5/01) NOON: Morgan Ashley


FRIDAY (5/01) 3PM: Johnny Chops


FRIDAY (5/01) 8PM: Jake Flint


THURSDAY (4/30) NOON: Jeff Jacobs Band



THURSDAY (4/30) 8PM: Left Arm Tan


WEDNESDAY (4/29) NOON: Darrin Morris


WEDNESDAY (4/29) 3PM: Cooper Wade


TUESDAY (4/28) NOON: Zane Dockery Band


TUESDAY (4/28) 3PM: Marcy Grace


TUESDAY (4/28) 8PM: Jon Stork


MONDAY (4/27) NOON: Abbey Brown and the Sound


MONDAY (4/27) 3PM: David Grace


MONDAY (4/27) 8PM: Copper Chief


FRIDAY (4/24) NOON: Lucas Jagneaux


FRIDAY (4/24) 3PM: Brendyn Kyle


FRIDAY (4/24) 8PM: Chance Ray


THURSDAY (4/23) NOON: Summer Lane Emerson


THURSDAY (4/23) 3PM: James Cook


THURSDAY (4/23) 8PM: Colton Rice


WEDNESDAY (4/22) NOON: Cameron Havens


WEDNESDAY (4/22) 3PM: Frenchie’s Blues Destroyer


WEDNESDAY (4/22) 8PM: Austin Meade


TUESDAY (4/21) NOON: Jeremiah James Band


TUESDAY (4/21) 3PM: Austin English


TUESDAY (4/21) 8PM: Cottonwood Crows


MONDAY (4/20) NOON: Slade Coulter


MONDAY (4/20) 3PM: Alex Aguilar


MONDAY (4/20) 8PM: Joey Green


FRIDAY (4/17) 3PM: Morgan Mill


FRIDAY (4/17) 8PM: Charley Crockett


THURSDAY (4/16) NOON: Ali Holder

THURSDAY (4/16) 3PM: Clay Hollis


THURSDAY (4/16) 8PM: Drew Fish


WEDNESDAY (4/15) NOON: Tessy Lou Williams


WEDNESDAY (4/15) 3PM: Adrian Johnston


WEDNESDAY (4/15) 8PM: Jordan Nix


TUESDAY (4/14) NOON: September Moon


TUESDAY (4/14) 3PM: The Powell Brothers


TUESDAY (4/14) 8PM: Gabe Lee


MONDAY (4/13) NOON: Wynn Williams


MONDAY (4/13) 3PM: Holly Tucker


MONDAY (4/13) 8PM: Keegan McInroe


FRIDAY (4/10) NOON: Joey Greer


FRIDAY (4/10) 3PM: Mark Winston Kirk


FRIDAY (4/10) 8PM: Cleto Cordero


THURSDAY (4/09) NOON: Mando Salas


THURSDAY (4/09) 3PM: Mike Stanley


THURSDAY (4/09) 8PM: Jared Deck


WEDNESDAY (4/08) NOON: Justin Clyde Williams


WEDNESDAY (4/08) 3PM: Joshua Ray Walker


TUESDAY (4/07) NOON: Adam Berry


TUESDAY (4/07) 3PM: Ragland


TUESDAY (4/07) 8PM: Kayla Ray


MONDAY (4/06) NOON: Pauline Reese

MONDAY (4/06) 3PM: Isaac Jacob


MONDAY (4/06) 8PM: Josh Grider


FRIDAY (04/03)NOON: Adam Hood


FRIDAY (04/03) 3PM: Jason Eady 


FRIDAY (04/03) 8PM: Shea Abshier & The Nighthowlers


THURSDAY (04/02) NOON: BJ Barham of American Aquarium


THURSDAY (04/02) 3PM: Squeezebox Bandits


THURSDAY (04/02) 8PM: Ryan Wilcox


WEDNESDAY (04/01) NOON: Jesse Daniel


WEDNESDAY (04/01) 3PM: Bullet Creek


WEDNESDAY (04/01) 8PM: Zack McGinn (from Dollyshine)


TUESDAY (3/31) NOON: Michael Lee


TUESDAY (3/31) 3PM: Austin Upchurch


TUESDAY (3/31) 8PM: Jamie Lin Wilson


MONDAY (3/30) NOON: Andrew Sevener


MONDAY (3/30) 3PM: Bruce Robison


MONDAY (3/30) 8PM: Erick Willis




FRIDAY 3PM: Texwestus


FRIDAY 8PM: Wade Bowen


THURSDAY NOON: Statesboro Revue


THURSDAY 3PM: Jason James


THURSDAY 8PM: Cade Holliday


WEDNESDAY (3/25) NOON: Jackie Darlene


WEDNESDAY (3/25) NOON: Joshua Fleming (of the Vandoliers)


WEDNESDAY (3/25) NOON: Clete Bradley


TUESDAY (3/24) NOON: Zach Nytomt


TUESDAY (3/24) 3PM: Tanner Usrey


TUESDAY (3/24) 8PM: Sean McConnell


MONDAY (3/23) NOON: Jade Marie Pateek


MONDAY (3/23) 3PM: Triston Marez


MONDAY (3/23) 8PM: Tyler (from Tyler & The Tribe)


FRIDAY (3/20) NOON: Robynn Shayne


FRIDAY (3/20) 3PM: Zac Wilkerson


FRIDAY (3/20) 8PM: Shea Abshire & Buck Fuffalo


THURSDAY (3/19) NOON: Charlie Shafter & Van Darien


THURSDAY (3/19)  3PM: Jacob Furr


THURSDAY (3/19)  8PM: Grant Gilbert


Stay Tuned For More To Be Announced Soon!

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