Locally Brewed: The AmeriTonk Queen

When I asked Summer Dean how she would classify her music she replied with “AmeriTonk” followed by a chuckle.  We can all deduce that AmeriTonk is a  combination of Americana and Honky Tonk and if you’ve listened to her record, Unladylike, you would probably agree.

Summer’s high stage energy and constant smile just puts you in a happy place while enjoying her original songs along with a plethora of “PG” country & western covers.  No, that’s not parental guidance suggested, it’s “Pre-Garth.”  I’ve never seen an artist so dedicated to keeping real country music alive. Her current record has something for everybody from heartbreak to gospel to light hearted and upbeat.  I typically run into Summer at one of our favorite watering holes, Magnolia Motor Lounge.  You can probably catch her there Wednesday night hopping up to do a few tunes with Raised Right Men.

Summer Dean – Alabama (Can I Call You Hank)