Tuesday Talking Point With Shayne Hollinger

For today’s Tuesday Talking Point, I let you weigh in on a hot-button topic.  It’s been 14 years since the Dixie Chicks went overseas and said they were ashamed that the President was from Texas.  Country music fans across America boycotted their music and radio stations pulled the music of this Texas band from their playlists.  My question to you is this, should the Ranch play the Dixie Chicks?  Leave a comment below to let us know how YOU feel.  Here is what some Ranch fans said Tuesday afternoon when they called in to discuss this with us:


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  • Joel Eldredge

    I think Natalie Maines’ mouth overloaded her cornbread backside. I remember when she said it and burned their tapes immediately. But, that puts me out of the demographic. I don’t miss them or their music. I’ll still listen to the Ranch, but, I’ll change the station when they come on.

  • Mike Childress

    I wish none of them would dabble in political speak. However I say play em all man. I don’t care about any of their politics.
    The fact is folks that dislike them do so for speaking out because they don’t agree with their politics but dig other politically outspoken artist because they agree with their stance.

  • Doug Jarnagin

    It’s amazing how petty and hateful people can be because someone has a different opinion. To me the ironic part is the people who continue to denounce them are from the “bible belt.” Isn’t forgiveness something we are supposed to give? Personally I did not agree with her statement, but neither then or now will I turn down great music. And yes, they definitely belong on the Ranch.

  • JasonShahan

    I don’t mind them at all expressing their opinion and I think if the same comment was made today that nobody would even notice as much the person leading our country is openly mocked. I didn’t agree with what she said but that doesn’t make it wrong. As far as playing the Dixie Chicks on the ranch, I think it gets back into what happened with this station 6 months ago with playing artists that are common with corporate radio stations. I feel we have plenty of small market local female talent that needs to be exploited before we fill airtime with a group that is commonly played on pop radio. I’d rather hear Sunny, Courtney Patton, Kaitlyn Butts, Bri Bagwell, Jamie Lynn, etc.

  • Michael Bare

    I think it would be a bad business decision. We are a very patriotic and passionate group of listeners. Not worth the gamble.

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