The FBI Investigated Bigfoot in the ’70s and Just Released the Report

If you’re like me, you have been curious to know…does BIGFOOT really exist?  I remember the movie the “Legend of Boggy Creek” and my brother always tried to scare me when we would go hunting and camping in southeastern Oklahoma as a kid.  So to find out that they released the documentation about this mystery hair had me on the edge of my seat!

In 1976, Peter Byrne (who used to be the director of the Bigfoot Information Center), wrote a letter to the FBI asking to “set the record straight, once and for all,” on their previous instance of analyzing hair that was not identifiable as “that of any known creature on this continent.”

If you were like me, you wanted to know is he real?! Is this creature truly the ultimate hide-n-go seek champion, did he finally leave us a trail to him because he finally got bored of winning? Can we find him!! Then it said the mystery hair was that of a DEER! Ohhhh darn, sorry about your luck!

Well all you Bigfoot lovers out there, the legend and mystery will continue to live on!!


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