Thanks For The Memories Charlie Daniels

Country and southern rock superstar Charlie Daniels passed away today (07-06-20) from a hemorrhagic stroke at the age of 83.  Charlie Daniels was a proud American who was raised on gospel, bluegrass, r&b and country music. During his long music career, The Charlie Daniels Band earned 2 Grammy awards including one for 1979’s “Devil Went Down To Georgia”,  2 Dove Awards, 5 CMA Awards, 3 Academy of Country Music Awards along with many more well deserved recognitions and accolades.  

With the rest of the world, The Ranch mourns the loss of this great man and talented country music legend. Thank you for the memories.









“Constantly being in the company of negative people can start rubbing off after a while. Choose your company carefully. Let’s all make the day count.” – Charlie Daniels