Texas Artists You Should Know, Jason James

If you’re a fan of good honky-tonk music and the occasional tear-filled song about a girl that’s done you wrong, you need to check out Jason James www.jasonjamesband.com. “The Love that I have for traditional country music is like a mission to me,” Jason affirms in his website bio. “For me, there’s never been any consideration of ‘Well, if I change this, I might sell more records.’ For me, it’s always been all or nothing, and this is how I do it.” But Jason James doesn’t just emulate traditional country artists, he has a sound all his own.

CLICK HERE  to see the music video for Jason’s song “I’ve Been Drinkin’ More” featuring the line, “I’ve been drinkin’ more since you been lovin’ me less, where you are tonight is anyone’s guess.” Heavy in steel guitar and vocals that sound reminiscent of the Derailers with a hint of George Jones, Jason James is definitely a Texas Artist You Should Know.