Play Us On Your Alexa Device


Good News if you’re gonna be stuck at home for a while… Alexa’s Skill Sets have been set up and established for 95.9 The Ranch!

1st: Set-up each of your devices… “Alexa enable 95 point 9 The Ranch”

2nd: After you’ve set-up a device you’ll only ever have to say…  “Alexa, Play 95 point 9 The Ranch”.



Q: What is a “Skill Set”?

A: It allows people to play the station through our streamer through any Amazon Alexa device.


Q: I’ve always been able to play the stations thru Alexa, what’s new?

A: Yes, you have always been able to play the station through the device, but it would play through a 3rd party site, Tune-In.  Now its playing directly through 95.9 The Ranch!


Q: Great, now what? 

A: There is one very important step…   You have to enable the skill.  You can do this by saying “Alexa enable 95 point 9 The Ranch” or by enabling it via the Alexa App.  Once you do that, you just say “Alexa play 95 point 9 The Ranch”


Q: I’m playing 95 point 9 The Ranch on Alexa, now what?

A: Spread the word to all your friends and family on how they can also easily listen to The Sound of Texas, “95 point 9 The Ranch”!


Q: I tried everything above and watched the video below but it still doesn’t work… now what?

A: Please shoot us an e-mail to and we’ll see if we can help get you up and running.