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Pets of The Week - CLICK HERE

Meet Cinnamon, Saffron, Lavender & Ginger our Pets of The Week from the Humane Society Of North Texas. Call 817-891-6201 to help give them a great new home!

Ranch Night at LaGrave Field - CLICK HERE

Join us for Ranch Night at LaGrave Field with the Fort Worth Cats and a chance to win $10,000 with a single baseball toss Friday August 1st brought to you by Mike Carlson Motor Company!

CORN FED - North Texas Strongest Man

This week on Corn Fed powered by Forty Creek Whisky, Charla introduces you to her Husband, Texas Strongest Man!

Ranch Factor 2014 - CLICK HERE

12 bands have now been selected so get ready for a Texas sized battle of the bands tonight at the Railhead BBQ! On October 21st one band will win a recording contract, music video, radio promotions and more. Come help us every discover the next big name in Texas Music!

Zane Williams Goes Viral

Even though the Official Music Video for Zane Williams' single "Overnight Success" was released on YouTube last October, it went viral yesterday after being shared on his Facebook page.

Ben Danaher A New Era

Ben Danaher is one of the many Texas ex-patriots who have found greater career fulfillment outside our borders than within them.  Since picking up stakes and moving his career base to Nashville a few years back, Danaher has blossomed.  His writing and performing, while always having elements of soul and depth, has expanded to new levels. During his time in the music capitol.....

Bart Crow, Macy Maloy MAKE MAGIC!

It’s a huge risk Bart Crow is taking by releasing “If I Go I’m Goin’” from his Dandelion album.  Though the changing of seasons to spring and summer probably demands music that’s warmer and more up-tempo, Bart’s new single is brooding, moody and haunting, thanks in large part to Macy Maloy’s heavenly vocals, which provide a delicious...
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