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Pitchin' Party 2017

Join The Ranch every Tuesday night at The Railhead Smokehouse
for the 3rd Annual Ranch Pitchin' Party!

Registration begins at 5p on site at The Railhead and the bracket style
tournament begins at 6p.  There are only so many slots available each week
so make sure you arrive in plenty of time to get your name on the board.

It's a $5.00 entry fee but you have a chance to win it all back plus some
if you become the Pitchin' Party Champion.  Weekly winners automatically
move to the Championship Round in week 12 and the weekly runner up with
return in week 12 for a "pitch out" to determine the final four slots in the bracket.

Over $1000.00 in cash and prizes will be awarded to the
2017 Ranch Pitchin' Party Champion. 





April 4: Johnny Cooper & Randy Brown

April 11: Jason Boland & Randy Brown

April 18: Charlie Robison & Steve Helms

April 25: Matt Tedder & Phil Hamilton

May 2: Randy Brown & Surprise Guest

May 9: Dirty River Boys & Matt Tedder

May 16: Randy Brown & Deryl Dodd

May 23: Randy Brown & Micky & The Motorcars

May 30: Randy Brown & Sonny Burgess

June 6: Steve Helms & Johnny Cooper

June 13: Steve Helms & Jason Eady

June 20: Randy Brown & Brandon Rhyder

June 27: Randy Brown & Bruce Robison




$5 CASH ENTRY FEE, NONREFUNDABLE.  Open to legal residents of the United States.  Employees and Directors of KFWR, 95.9 The Ranch, The Railhead Smokehouse in Willow Park, their affiliated companies, participating Sponsors, information providers, content providers, subsidiaries, advertisers, advertising agencies, promotional and marketing agencies (and their immediate family members and those living in the same households) are ineligible.  

KFWR, 95.9 The Ranch
First Financial Bank
Railhead Smokehouse Willow Park
Moritz Family of Dealers
Texas Washers

Grand Prize:
$1,000 Prize Pack including all entry fees and a professional set of washer boards

Weekly Prize:
$30 Railhead Smokehouse Willow Park Gift Certificate

Each week, beginning on Tuesday, April 4, 2017 and ending on Tuesday, June 27, 2017 at The Railhead Smokehouse in Willow Park, KFWR, 95.9 The Ranch will host THE RANCH PITCHIN’ PARTY. Comprising of twelve [12] open competition nights and one [1] championship night.
Tuesday, June 27, 2017 will be the championship night, all past winners will be slotted at random within the sixteen [16] person bracket.  The twelve [12] runner ups from previous weeks will be invited to compete in a five [5] washer throw Pitch-off.  From that Pitch-off the four [4] highest scoring competitors will be included in the championship bracket to compete.  In the event of a tie between more than four [4] competitors, a second round will take forth and so on.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017 – Tuesday, June 20, 2017 will be open competition nights
At 5:55pm, sixteen [16] contestants will be randomly drawn from those who entered and randomly placed within the weekly bracket.  If less then sixteen [16] competitors have registered the tournament will start and those who lose in the first round will have the option of buying back in the tournament.

The weekly tournament winner will receive a weekly prize and be invited back to compete in the championship round.  The weekly runner up will also be invited to come back for the championship round and compete for one [1] or four [4] wildcard spots.

  • $5 buy in to compete, all money goes into the Grand Prize pot.
  • Must be 18 years old or older to compete
  • First throw decided by age of the contestants (older contestant goes first)
  • Individual competition, no teams
  • Contestants will be pitching to the same board
  • Contestants will pitch from 12 feet away from the front of the board
  • Points:
    • Bottom Hole – 1 point
    • Middle Hole – 2 points
    • Top Hole – 3 points
  • Each Contestant will pitch 5 washers
  • All washers that are knocked, tapped or slide in the hole, count towards scoring. (washers are “live” until all 10 washers have been pitched).
  • If the washer hits the ground before hitting the board, the washer is considered a dead washer and removed from the board. 
  • First player to 21 is the winner
    • Skunk rules apply, if at any time a player goes up by 11-0 points or more that contestant is deemed the winner
    • Bust rules apply, contestant must score 21 points, and if they exceed that amount their score is knocked down to 13 moving forward.
  • If you score 21 points and still have washers, your opponent will receive your washers.
  • 95.9 The Ranch personal will officiate the tournament
    • Score will be kept by the judges
    • All disputes will be ruled upon the judges
Entrants understand any information provided will be used in accordance with the Station’s Privacy Policy found at

All federal, state and local taxes apply and are the responsibility of the prize winner.

Neither the Station, nor its sponsors and affiliates have any liability for any injury or damage to either persons or property incurred by entering or participating in any contest and/or the use of any prize.

The Station reserves the right to disqualify or render ineligible any entry based on its sole discretion.

By participating, all Entrants give the Station, Sponsors and affiliates unrestricted rights to any photos, video, recordings, information collected in relation to the contest for promotional or any use it deems appropriate without compensation.

By participating all entrants are agreeing to the Official Rules.

The Station reserves the right to change, update, or amend any rules without prior written notice.

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